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“Poll Uncovers Startling Reality: 1 in 4 Americans Believe FBI to Blame for Jan. 6th Riot

A new poll recently released by University of Maryland, shows that one-quarter of American adults believe that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) instigated the events that led to the Capitol attack on January 6th, 2021. The findings have shed light on the increasing distrust of the United States government, and the growing prevalence of conspiracy theories among the American public.

The poll was commissioned by the university’s Center for American Politics and Citizenship, and surveyed a national sample of 1,000 adults. The results revealed that 24% of adults believe that the FBI had something to do with the Capitol attack, while just 39% trust the FBI and its findings that the Capitol attack was conducted solely by domestic terrorists. Furthermore, 18% of respondents had not heard of the attack, while another 18% had heard of the attack but were unfamiliar with the responsible party.

The poll also showed a partisan divide, with 33% of Republicans believing that the FBI was involved in the attack, compared to just 14% of Democrats. These findings suggest that many members of the public do not believe the official story of the Capitol attack.

The survey’s findings provide an insight into the American public’s growing distrust of the government and its institutions. Moreover, the results suggest that conspiracy theories are increasingly gaining traction and are now a major factor in how Americans interpret current events and political news.

The University of Maryland’s poll underscores the need to strengthen trust in the government and its law enforcement agencies. Without an assurance of the public’s trust, current events and news will be interpreted through various conspiracy theories and other false narratives. To counter this, the government needs to take active steps to address the lack of trust, such as improving transparency in its communications and providing frank and honest information to the public. Such action can help restore public trust in the government and its institutions, ensuring that the public is accurately informed about current events and political news.