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“Congresswoman Boebert’s Domestic Disturbance: Ex-Husband Calls 911

Boebert’s Ex-Husband Calls Police After Fight with Congresswoman

The ex-husband of Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert recently called police to their home after a fight between the two.

According to the records obtained by GodzillaNewsz, the altercation occurred on July 3rd in Garfield County, Colorado. Locations or further details of the fight were not released in the investigation.

A Garfield County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived and determined no arrests needed to be made, and released Boebert on the scene. No charges have been filed as of yet.

Boebert’s ex-husband, Patrick Russell, released a statement after the incident expressing his hope for a peaceful resolution to the situation. Boebert was not available for comment.

The altercation between the two comes on the tail of a tumultuous few months between them. After their divorce was finalized in June, Boebert has remained in the headlines for ongoing custody battles over their two children and accusations of domestic violence.

Boebert recently gained media attention for her controversial support of a local gun rights group, and opposing of the expansion of gun control laws in her state.

The event has not only triggered concern about the health and safety of the family, but has also raised numerous questions about Congressional ethics.

With her election to Congress pending, the series of events have put a magnifying glass on the repercussions that can arise from extramarital relationships. It is sure to be a case that will be closely studied in the weeks and months to come.