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Biden Official Flares Up: Is US Escalating Gaza War with Red Sea Presence?

Recently, a heated exchange occurred between White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and a reporter, questioning whether the Biden administration was escalating the conflict in Gaza with its Red Sea presence in the region.

The heated discussion began when Tovah Lazaroff, the bureau chief of the Jerusalem Post, asked whether the United States was “engaging in activities that might be seen as an escalation” in the region. Psaki responded that she “would not characterize it that way.”

The reporter then asked why, citing activity like U.S. aircraft carrier fleets and B-52 bombers that have been recently deployed to the Red Sea region and what specific combat roles they have been assigned to.

Psaki responded that the aircraft carriers were there “for the protection of our personnel and our interests in the region.” She went on to say that they were “not there to be a presence of escalation,” but rather for “regional stability.”

The exchange then quickly grew heated after the reporter asked “But are they there for an activity that would be seen as an escalation of the situation?” Psaki shot back that the United States is “very focused on de-escalating the situation in the region.”

The exchange ended without any significant conclusion, leaving it unclear as to whether the Biden administration is attempting to escalate the conflict with its presence in the Red Sea. What is clear, however, is that Psaki was clearly on the defensive on the issue.

This heated exchange is the latest development in the ongoing tensions in the region as the Biden administration is seemingly struggling to balance its support for Israel and the Palestinian people. It is unclear how the Biden administration will proceed in an effort to ease the violence in the region, but it seems like the White House press corps will continue to press Psaki on her comments.