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“Supreme Court Showdown: Trump Challenges Colorado to Keep his Name on the Ballot

President Donald Trump is asking the Supreme Court of the United States to intervene and keep his name on the Colorado ballot in the upcoming November 2020 election.

The president’s legal team filed a brief earlier this week arguing that state officials had acted unlawfully in limiting the president’s name on the state’s ballot. The petition contends that state election officials had intentionally restricted political speech by eliminating the president from the ballot.

The legal action is part of a larger effort by the president’s campaign to ensure he is re-elected in November. The brief argues that state officials are violating the First Amendment by eliminating the president’s name from the ballot.

The brief notes that the president’s name has been included on the ballot in every Colorado presidential election since at least 1972, and that state officials did not offer any valid reasoning for why they chose to omit him this year.

The brief argues that the state officials’ decision limits the speech of Colorado voters by preventing them from voting for the president and reflects viewpoint discrimination in favor of Democratic and third-party candidates.

The brief requests an immediate temporary injunction from the Supreme Court to prevent further printing and distribution of ballots that omit the president’s name, thus guaranteeing that his name will appear on the ballot in the November election.

The Supreme Court has yet to make a decision on the president’s petition. If granted, the injunction would restore the president’s name on the Colorado ballot and ensure that Colorado voters will have the opportunity to choose the candidate of their choice in November.