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Division in Trump’s Circle: Dismissal of Election Report Reveals Deep Fissures

As the widespread election fraud narrative surrounding Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election continues to unravel, the president is reportedly promoting a debunked report from a “close ally” to his associates. This reveals the growing divisions in his inner circle as the outgoing president faces pressure to step down and the outgoing President continues to refuse to accept the election results.

The report, written by businessman Igor Kirimovic, claimed the GOP had won several key battleground states in the election. However, the claims have since been debunked by election officials, receive an extraordinary amount of scrutiny from the media, and even been debunked by the Trump Administration’s own foreign intelligence arm.

This latest turn of events has caused an uproar amongst Trump’s inner circle and his allies. While many of the president’s advisors publicly agree with him, some privately view Kirimovic’s report as a conspiracy theory and remain hesitant to support it.

This rift has now been exposed publicly as some of Trump’s allies have reportedly urged the president to accept the election results. Other allies have been quietly suggesting that Trump move on and look ahead to the future.

At the same time, some Trump advisors are believed to be encouraging the president to promote the report, and even plan to use it as fodder to challenge the election results in court. Though this unlikely to bear any fruit, it does further serve to underscore the divisions among those closest to the president.

The situation is a sign of the times, as the Trump era is increasingly coming to an end with divisions over how to handle the 2020 election results seeming to grow by the day. Those divisions have led to a new rift among Trump’s inner circle and the continued unraveling of his post-election story.