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Ron DeSantis Wins the Republican Debate Poll- But Is it Really Enough?

The 2020 Republican Presidential debate has shown how divided America is in its opinion of the candidates. Recently released poll results from the debates show that former Congressman Ron DeSantis won the first Republican debate, but gained very little support compared to his key rivals.

The poll was conducted by Godzillanewz.com for the August 6th debate and surveyed over 900 Republican voters. The results revealed that DeSantis came out on top with an impressive 37% of the vote, followed closely by his key rival Joe Walsh with 32%. However, what was more striking than the candidates’ overall performance was the lack of support and enthusiasm for DeSantis.

Despite his victory, DeSantis was unable to gain any sizeable support from potential voters. Furthermore, his modest showing at the debate was a wasteland compared to the surging support his key rivals, such as Joe Walsh, received. Walsh received the most support from debate watchers, but his 32% was still 8% less than the combined total of both DeSantis and Walsh.

Given the importance of the Republican primaries, the poll results are highly significant. DeSantis’ weak showing in the debate has highlighted the fact that he is failing to rally the support of potential Republican voters. Such a critical factor could be a major disadvantage for DeSantis in the upcoming primaries, and is indicative of the divided opinion of the Republicans regarding the Presidential race.

Overall, the first Republican debate was inconclusive in regards to understanding the opinion of the voters. The majority of the debate watchers largely ignored DeSantis’ performance, while the other candidates received a surge of support. The results of the Godzillanewz poll show that DeSantis’ message and policies failed to strike a chord with the viewers, and as such, he is at a considerable disadvantage compared to his key rivals.