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“Experience the Thrill of NorthStar Gaming Holdings!

Northstar Gaming Holdings is a newly launched venture capital fund that aims to fund gaming and technology startups. The fund is managed by Alex Komoroske and Shawn Guest, two gaming industry veterans who specialize in identifying early stage opportunities and maximize investor returns. Northstar Gaming Holdings has a portfolio of investments in exciting companies such as ReRoll and Playfic.

ReRoll is a company that is revolutionizing the gaming industry. The product line-up allows gamers to capture their gaming experience, either in an HD or 3D format, and share it with their friends. The company also offers cloud gaming services and virtual reality applications. ReRoll is partnered with some of the biggest gaming companies in the industry including Microsoft, PlayStation, Oculus, and HTC.

Playfic is an interactive gaming platform that allows gamers to create and share their own mini-games within the platform. Playfic is compatible with both PC and mobile, and they are currently working on partnerships with leading game developers in order to bring new content to the platform.

The goal of Northstar Gaming Holdings is to provide the best possible support for their portfolio companies to help them grow and reach their full potential. The fund is currently accepting investments from both institutional and individual investors via private placements and venture capital partnerships. Northstar Gaming Holdings is committed to helping startups succeed in the gaming industry, and they have quickly become one of the most sought after venture capital funds in the space.

The fund also has a knowledge-sharing program, where they host seminars and workshops to educate investors about the industry and share their wisdom with the world. They also want to become a hub for gaming entrepreneurs and technology startups, where they can collaborate and share ideas. Northstar Gaming Holdings is definitely an exciting new venture capital fund in the gaming space and investors should definitely keep an eye out for them.