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“Jorge Ramos Slams Univision for Not Standing Up to Trump!

As the anchor of one of the country’s leading Spanish-language news outlets, Jorge Ramos has become a powerful voice speaking up for the rights of the Latino community. Recently, he took that voice to a new level when he openly condemned Univision for not challenging President Trump on the issues that directly impacts hispanics.

In an open letter to his employer, Jorge Ramos asserted that Univision was not doing enough to oppose the Trump administration’s policies which significantly harmed Latinos in the United States. He declared that the network’s silence in the face of these attacks was lending legitimacy to the President’s policies and not holding him accountable.

Ramos went on to state his belief that the network should take a more proactive stance in responding to and denouncing the Trump administration’s actions. He highlighted proposals such as the President’s travel ban, plans to build a border wall, and the termination of DACA as policies that Univision could strongly oppose.

Jorge Ramos also expressed his concern that the network may be cowed into silence due to threats of government retribution. He recognized that news organizations can be sanctioned by the government, but still urged Univision to work around any possible punitive measures and make its stance against the Trump presidency known to the public.

In publicly rebuking Univision for not taking a bold enough stance against the Trump administration, Jorge Ramos has put himself on the frontlines of the fight for Latino rights. His actions have been widely praised by advocates of the community, who laud him as a courageous leader. In taking a risk to call out his own employer, he has demonstrated his willingness to stand up for the people who rely on Univision for reliable and informed news coverage about the issues that so deeply affect them.