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“Will Hamas Free American Hostages? Biden: ‘We Don’t Know’

On Tuesday, Joe Biden spoke to reporters about the future of American hostages in the Gaza Strip. According to the President, he is unsure of when the hostages will be released and said, “We don’t know.”

The situation in the Gaza Strip has been tense over the past few months, with both Israel and Hamas in conflict over the region’s future. The conflict reached a boiling point in May when Israel launched a series of airstrikes in response to rocket fire from Hamas-controlled areas.

The conflict has affected the lives of many civilians in the Gaza Strip with dozens killed and hundreds injured. It has also caused further insecurity for the more than 200 American hostages being held by Hamas.

The American hostages, primarily journalists and aid workers, were taken captive in 2017 and have been held in the Gaza Strip ever since. To date, there have been no successful attempts to free the hostages and they remain in an uncertain situation.

Biden has made sure to remind the public that the United States is working to bring the hostages back home but the timeline of when the hostages will be released remains unclear.

During his press conference, the President said that the United States is working with foreign partners to bring the hostages home safely but that “We don’t know” when a successful solution will be found.

The President further reminded the public that the welfare of the hostages remains a top priority for the administration and that “the United States is doing everything in its power to bring those hostages home.”

The quest to free the American hostages will be a lengthy one but the Biden Administration remains resolute in its mission to get all of the hostages home safely.