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“Maine Governor Thwarts Trump: Trump Removed From State Primary Ballot

On May 25th, Secretary of State Matt Dunlap of Maine announced a controversial move to remove President Donald Trump from the upcoming 2020 primary ballot in Maine. This marks the first time the state has disqualified a sitting president from the primary ballot in its state history.

The decision comes as a surprise after weeks of protests and petitions by some Maine residents to remove Trump from the ballot. His presence on the ballot had faced strong opposition due to his actions as president, which many believe to be detrimental to the state’s values and way of life.

Dunlap has mentioned the decision was not a political one, rather, legally based. Nebraska state law requires presidential candidates to submit documentation no later than March 16th, proving their commitment to running in the state. Trump’s campaign had failed the deadline and therefore violated state law.

Dunlap is well known for similar attempts to remove candidates from the state ballot without prejudice. In past years, he has disqualified major national candidates from both major political parties.

The decision has left many Maine voters in an unfamiliar place. It is now unsure whether the state will have a Republican candidate for the November presidential election. Dunlap has said he does not expect the decision to significantly impact the state’s vote due to the fact that the president will still be on the ballot in November.

In response to the move, the White House has expressed its frustration and promised legal action. It released a statement condemning Maine’s decision and stating that it violates the First Amendment and other constitutional rights.

Many Maine voters have welcomed the move. Some have gone as far as to say Dunlap has “singlehandedly saved the state.” They are encouraged that their state leaders have taken a strong stance against the controversial Trump administration.

While the legal fate of Maine’s decision remains uncertain, this event is sure to go down as one of the most controversial decisions in the state’s history. The decision by Secretary of State Matt Dunlap will certainly be remembered for years to come, and the outcome will surely have an impact on the November 2020 election results.