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Supreme Court Denies Crack of the Whip in Trump’s Immunity Claim

The Supreme Court has recently decided not to fast-track a ruling on President Donald Trump’s claim of immunity from potential future prosecution. This decision was a disappointment for both the Trump Administration as well as many legal experts.

The case originated from the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation into whether hush money payments amounted to criminal activity during the 2016 election. There is an ongoing legal battle about whether the president’s executive privilege protections can protect him from being investigated for potential crimes while in office.

The Supreme Court’s decision not to expedite the case at this time means that it will not be decided until the Court’s 2021-22 term, if at all. This is a bit of a disappointment for the president who has recently been attempting to solidify a legal protection that could protect him even if he lost the election.

The court’s decision has given a major blow to the president’s legal defense, and it could give rise to a number of significant legal issues that could carry over to future presidencies.

For example, when future presidents are being investigated for potential criminal activity, it could be difficult for them to argue, as Trump did, that they are immune from criminal investigations while in office. The Supreme Court’s decision has provided legal experts with a new perspective on the scope of executive privilege protections and their implications.

While the decision not to expedite this case was a disappointment for the Trump Administration, it could be a boon for President-elect Joe Biden and subsequent administrations. Biden will likely have to find a solution to many lingering constitutional questions that have been brewing since Trump got into office. This decision from the court is just one small step in this search for solutions.

Legal experts are hopeful that this case will give future presidents greater clarity about their legal position. Until the court takes up the case, though, the matter will remain unresolved. It is possible that the ruling could come down as soon as 2021, but no one knows for sure. Until then, only time will tell.