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“Tumultuous Times: Pro-DeSantis Super PAC Fires CEO

Amidst the conflict between Florida governor Ron DeSantis and his political action committee, the pro-DeSantis Super PAC, the CEO of the said committee has been fired. Scott Pollard, the CEO of the committee, was relieved following a series of mounting issues within the political organization.

The PAC, founded in November 2019 by some of the governor’s closest allies and funded by his financial backers, was doing well for some time. It heavily supported the 2018 gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis, eventually leading to his victory. It also funded a number of campaigns and initiatives in the state, including DeSantis’ massive 2017 voter registration drive.

The problems within the Super PAC started shortly after the 2020 election and the subsequent confirmation of Joe Biden as US President. Minor issues included clumsy financial disclosures, failed fundraising efforts, and disagreements over the organization’s direction. Eventually, the PAC imposed restrictions on its staff in April 2021 that were heavily criticized, leading to calls for reform.

At this point, the board of the Pro-DeSantis Super PAC decided to release Scott Pollard from his post as the CEO. In an official statement, the board said that a leadership change was necessary to address the concerns of the organization and to ensure its long-term success. The board also added that it appreciated Pollard’s work in leading the organization in its early stages.

The Pro-DeSantis Super PAC is now focused on rebuilding, aiming to accomplish the goals it had set at its founding. Financial reports show that the committee still has sufficient funds, and with the new leadership, it may yet be able to recover and continue supporting the causes it was founded for.