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Rand Paul Saves Joni Ernst From a Choking Crisis at Lunch!

The Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, saved the day when he performed a Heimlich maneuver on Iowa Senator, Joni Ernst at a lunch gathering last week.

Senator Ernst, who was choking on a piece of food at the exclusive dining, was in for a surprise when Rand Paul was unceremoniously drafted into the situation. He quickly reacted by performing the Heimlich maneuver on Joni Ernst and clearing the lodged food item.

The news of Paul’s heroic act was met with much praise and admiration from the members of the Senate and House of Representatives who were present at the gathering. In addition, some of Paul’s cabinet colleagues sent their congratulations for his swift thinking and action, highlighting his quick reflexes in a lifesaving effort.

Senator Ernst has since posted on Twitter to thank the Kentucky Senator for his heroic act. She said, “A big thank you to Senator Rand Paul for his heroic efforts. My food was stuck and he acted swiftly to save the day.” She also joked that she needed to “cut down on the solid food consumption”.

The incident is just another testament to Rand Paul’s unfailing dedication and service to his constituents. He is known for always giving to the people that he serves, no matter the occasion. Whether it’s speaking up for community issues, organizing support activities, or being a literal lifesaver, Rand Paul has and will continue to prove himself as a leader of note.

Given the exigencies of the situation, Rand Paul’s timely and life-saving response whereby he unhesitatingly and instinctively rendered a proper Heimlich maneuver, consolidated his commitment to service and dedication to people he seeks to represent. His actions are a reminder of the protective and compassionate attitudes that leaders should always strive to emulate.