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Biden Fights Back Against Trump’s Attempts to Ax the Affordable Care Act

Amidst the health crisis caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, U.S. President Joe Biden has promised to oppose Donald Trump’s renewed effort to shelve the Affordable Care Act (ACA). During his first official address as President, Biden highlighted that he intends to strengthen the ACA in order to make it more accessible and affordable for the American people.

The ACA, otherwise known as Obamacare, was passed in 2010 as a way to increase access to healthcare and reduce costs for uninsured Americans. However, as Trump became President, he and his Republican allies have sought to repeal or weaken the ACA, citing that it is too costly and too cumbersome.

Trump tried to repeal and replace the ACA at various points during his 4 years as President, but could not muster enough votes in Congress, so he resorted to a range of executive orders, waivers and court appeals in an effort to make the ACA less accessible and more expensive for Americans.

Now, Biden has focused on protecting the ACA and recently stated, “We will continue to repair and build upon the Affordable Care Act. We will expand access to quality healthcare, reduce prescription drug prices, and cover preexisting conditions.”

Biden, in his speech, also reiterated that he would look into the underlying issue of rising healthcare costs and reduce deductibles and prescription drug expenses. He also intends to expand Medicare and Medicaid, thus making it more accessible for more Americans.

With this in mind, Biden looks to offer comprehensive coverage to all uninsured people in the country, providing a cushion to those in financial need. He also looks to restore Obama-era policies such as the Medicaid expansion that were rolled back by Trump.

Biden has made it clear that he will do everything in his power to safeguard the ACA and make it more accessible and affordable to the American people. It remains to be seen whether Biden will be able to succeed in these efforts or if Trump’s actions will prove to be a hindrance.