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“Turning Up the Heat: Trump Supporters Taking Cues from Their Leader’s Vicious Tactics

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in the way we interact with each other, especially among political views. Political discourse has turned from civil debates and sharing opinions to name-calling, insults and baseless attacks. And, unfortunately, many of President Donald Trump’s closest supporters are following his lead, leading to a rise in vulgarities, insults and baseless attacks.

It can no longer be disputed that so-called “Trumpkins” have adopted many of the President’s online habits. Whether it be through his tweets or on other social media platforms, it has become no surprise that those “in the know” have found themselves on the receiving end of expletives insults and other crude statements.

We have seen this play out on numerous occasions, such as his renowned “covfefe” tirade, where he targeted virtually everyone who criticized his comments. This same attitude has been adopted by many of President Trump’s supporters who are eager to defend their leader with a fervor that could at times be considered excessive.

But not only have the President and his surrounding followers taken to openly expressing these attacks but they have also included baseless accusations. These targeted attacks are often positioned to incriminate the opposing political side, without any proof or substance to back them up.

This type of online conduct is only becoming more apparent on the political landscape. It would seem that these “Trumpkins” have completely adopted the President’s disregard for civil discourse and are now aping these same habits. From insults to baseless allegations, it appears that those who support President Trump are now taking on the same attitude as their leader.

Unfortunately, it has become all too common to have political discussions become buried under insults and unfounded attacks. Hopefully, this trend will start to slow down and we will see more civility and decency in our day-to-day political discourse. Only then will we be able to have meaningful conversations that lead to productive political debate.