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“The Consequences are Dire: Heed Trump’s Warnings, Both Literally and Seriously.

Voters Must Take Trump Seriously and Literally, the Stakes Are That High

The 2020 presidential election is an important one, and it’s essential that voters take Donald Trump seriously and literally. With the stakes so high, it’s vital that voters look beyond the rhetoric and consider what policies a Trump presidency would bring.

Various polls published throughout the year have shown that Trump is a viable candidate for the US Presidency. Despite his divisive rhetoric and his tendency to make provocative statements, he commands enough support within the Republican Party to make a serious challenge for the nation’s highest office.

In terms of actual policy, however, Trump is seen as a wild card. While on the campaign trail, he has tapped into the fears and anxieties of those discontented with the current political landscape. However, this messaging does not necessarily explain his actual policy plans.

The truth is that it’s difficult to predict exactly what a Trump presidency would look like. His agenda is far from traditional Republican orthodoxy, and his stated positions often remain vague and open-ended. Whilst it’s likely that he would pursue some form of tax reform, it’s far from certain that he would make it a priority, or that his favored changes would actually reach the required majority in the US Congress.

At the same time, Trump has made a number of controversial statements on a range of social, political and economic issues. He has suggested expanding the US military presence abroad, and imposing extreme vetting on visitors from certain countries. He has proposed raising trade tariffs with other countries, and privatizing certain aspects of the Social Security system. These more extreme positions indicate that his administration could bring dramatic changes to established US policy.

It is, therefore, essential that voters take Trump’s words seriously and literally. He has made some pretty extreme statements, and he may well follow through on them if elected. This means that it isn’t enough just to take his rhetoric with a pinch of salt. Voters must also look beyond the buzzwords to determine what actual policy a Trump presidency might bring.

If we are to make a judicious choice in the upcoming election, we must look at the facts, investigate Trump’s policies, and firmly consider the implications of his most extreme statements. It is only through an informed and rational consideration of the issues that we can make an educated decision on who our next president should be.