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“2023 Election: See the Numbers that Changed Everything

The 2023 American presidential election has been highly anticipated, with many speculating about what the outcome could mean for the country. The results are now in and, as expected, the election was a nail-biter, with the incumbent Democrat Joe Biden narrowly beating Donald Trump by less than a single percentage point.

The election was largely fought over issues of race, immigration, health care, and the economy. Here are some of the key stats from this historic event.

First, the voter turnout was the highest ever in American history. A record-breaking 160 million Americans cast their ballots, representing the highest voter turnout rate since 1960. Additionally, the race was the most diverse in the nation’s history, with African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans representing the largest segments of the voting population.

The election also saw the high utilization of online voting systems, with the majority of states offering some form of electronic or mail-in ballots in order to ensure safety and accuracy during the pandemic.

Further, the election saw unprecedented fundraising by political campaigns, with the presidential candidates bringing in a combined total of nearly six billion dollars. This is more than double the previous record of 2.5 billion dollars set in 2016.

Additionally, the election saw the largest-ever expenditure on political ads, with an estimated nine billion dollars being spent by the major parties. This figure is double the amount spent during the 2016 presidential election.

Finally, the election saw an increased focus on the “Youth Vote” with individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 making up nearly a quarter of the voters. This is the highest proportion of young voters ever for a US presidential election.

Overall, the 2023 US presidential election was a hard-fought and historic affair. From record-breaking voter turnout to unprecedented expenditures on political ads, this election has most certainly made its mark on the United States’ political landscape.