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“Greene Aims to Topple Mayorkas: Files Motion to Impeach Secretary of Homeland Security

Last week, U.S. Representative Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) introduced a resolution that seeks to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) echoed Bowman’s sentiments and filed a motion on the same day in the House of Representatives to impeach Secretary Mayorkas.

Greene’s motion to impeach Mayorkas cites several alleged abuses of power during his tenure as Secretary of Homeland Security. These accusations come just a month after Mayorkas testified before Congress regarding the security of the U.S.-Mexico border, which is currently experiencing an unprecedented surge of migrants. According to Greene’s motion, Secretary Mayorkas is guilty of perjury for lying to Congress in his testimony on border security. Additionally, the document asserts that the Secretary is guilty of accepting bribes and misappropriating funds by awarding contracts without proper vetting of bidders in relation to the construction of facilities in the U.S.-Mexico border region.

In speaking with the media, Greene affirmed her reasons for moving to impeach Secretary Mayorkas, citing her concern that “the lack of communication, transparency, and accountability with regards to his department’s actions have put thousands of Americans at risk”. This sentiment was echoed in a public statement made by Jamaal Bowman, who stated, “accountability and transparency are essential for any government in the world, and there is an immediate need for them in the homeland security sector.” Bowman added that the actions of the department under Secretary Mayorkas have been highly suspect, and action must be taken to hold him responsible.

In an official statement, the Department of Homeland Security expressed dismay at the filing of the motion to impeach Mayorkas. The statement denied the accusations leveled against their Secretary, and insisted that the department under his watch has remained professional and responsible in their execution of duties.

While Greene’s motion is far from becoming the subject of a full House vote, it serves as a reminder of the political focus on the lack of security along U.S. borders. It remains to be seen if Congress will take action on this issue, but for now, it is clear that many are paying attention to the lack of security and transparency in the department of Homeland Security.