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“Ron DeSantis: Miami-Dade Voters Agree on Governor, Disagree on President

In one of the Florida primaries, it has been reported that Miami-Dade voters casted their ballots in favor of Governor Ron DeSantis; the tallies were prominently one-sided.

This result is rather impressive considering that the Democratic vote in Miami-Dade tended to outpace the Republican votes in recent years. In fact, the last time a Republican candidate gained more votes in this county was in 2006.

DeSantis won the data in Miami-Dade with a total of 291,236 votes to his name for the gubernatorial race. His closest rivals, Jeff Greene and Andrew Gillum, obtained 174, 1,68 votes respectively. This is an impressive majority win for the incumbent governor.

It looks like the victory could be attributed to the positive impact of his leadership as governor in Miami-Dade County, as he has been working towards increasing efficiency of government services, schools, and improving the local economy.

At the same time, despite the wide margin of difference, the presidential race seems to favor a different candidate. Joe Biden has more votes to his name than Donald Trump. Even groups of minority voters that are traditionally in favor of the Republican party voted for Biden.

This could indicate that Miami-Dade voters favor the leadership style of Governor Ron DeSantis but not necessarily the same ideologies as Donald Trump. This could be one of the reasons why he led the gubernatorial race but didn’t win the heart of Miami-Dade voters as far as president is concerned.

This election result could be a bellwether for the trends of public opinion within Miami-Dade. Citizens seem to be in favor of a leader who is making a tangible impact on the county, instead of leaning towards political parties in the age of extreme partisanship.

In conclusion, the election data from Miami-Dade shows us that the winning of Ron DeSantis in the gubernatorial race was largely due to his work as governor. At the same time, Biden was favored over Trump, suggesting that voters want a leader who reflects their values and their goals.