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“Trial by Television? DC Officials Divide Over Trump and Media’s Desired Outcome.

As tensions between the United States’ legislative and executive branches continue to mount up, the idea of a televised trial in the nation’s capital city has resurfaced. President Donald Trump along with the news media have championed for the idea, yet the Justice Department has nixed the suggestion.

The idea was initially proposed when it was revealed that Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, was caught in an illegal lobbying and foreign dealings scandal. He eventually pleaded guilty to this. To punish him, Trump wanted a public trial that would be televised in the capital city of Washington D.C.

The Justice Department, however, didn’t agree with Trump’s idea, claiming that it was not a “prudent idea” due to logistical considerations. Despite this, White House aides stated that Trump could still press for a public trial in D.C. if he chose to do so.

The news media has supported the idea in the past, believing that a public trial could bring to light the wrongdoings of powerful individuals, especially in regards to Flynn’s case. Though, this idea seemed to lose traction as the government learned that Trump’s call for a televised trial would be unenforceable against certain members of the Justice Department.

For the time being, the nation must wait to see what the outcome of this legal tussle will be. It’s not yet clear if the Justice Department’s legal stance or the news media’s wishes will be honored. With both sides still arguing over the merits of the proposal, it may be some time before a resolution is found.