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“Elon Musk Kicks the NYT Off its Verification High Horse!

Recently, Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk has once again grabbed eyeballs in an unexpected way. This time, it is for the decision by his personal X.com website to remove the blue checkmark implying “verification” badge from the New York Times’ social media accounts.

The blue badge on social media indicates that the account it protects genuinely belongs to a prominent figure, news publisher, or organization. Apparently, the blue badge disappeared from the Times’ accounts due to its exposure to a 2021 hacking incident involving the company’s official Twitter accounts.

As per sources, the cause for the removal of the badge may seem puzzling as the Times’ accounts remain intact even after the hacking incident that spanned multiple systems. This raises some serious questions, one being if the removal of the badge implies any questionable activities related to the hacking or not.

Musk is considered a controversial figure among the public. The news of his site to remove the blue badge was met with some criticism. Some Twitter users opined that helping Times managing their tweeter handle is understandable, but removing the badge implies a certain level of mistrust from X.com’s side.

The reasoning behind this move has yet not been disclosed. Experts suggest that companies should not remove the verification badge without informing the associated organization.

This incident once again throws the spotlight on Musk’s actions. People expect Tesla’s CEO to be a far more collaborative and a level-headed leader, someone who is willing to trust and not doubt the decisions taken by established institutions such the New York Times. However, as of now, no official statement has been made publicly by any of the concerned parties involved.