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“Jim Jordan’s Amazingly Faint Legislative Footprint: How Can He Make His Mark?

In recent years, Jim Jordan has become known as one of the loudest and most vocal members of the Republican party in the United States. From his staunch defense of the Trump Administration, to his controversial stances on issues such as gun control and immigration reform, the Ohio Republican has become a lightning rod of the Republican party.

But, despite Jordan’s strong public presence, some have begun to question his influence on policy in the halls of Congress. Critics note that while Jordan has proved time and again that he is an able spokesman for conservative and libertarian causes, his remarkable thin legislative track record speaks to a greater lack of real policy know-how and accomplishments.

For example, Jordan has been in the House of Representatives since 2006, and yet he has never sponsored or passed a major piece of legislation on his own. Part of this has to do with the fact that Jordan’s conservative stances are often at odds with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic majority. But, it also has to do with the fact that Jordan has regularly shied away from taking on roles of leadership and responsibility.

While Jordan has consistently defended his position that true legislation comes not from individual members, but rather from the input of the entire Republican caucus, one can also make the argument that Jordan has missed out on an opportunity to have a greater influence on Congressional policy.

In fact, even though Jordan has already served 13 years in Congress, the approved legislation with his name attached to it is still slim. This is in stark contrast to many of his Republican peers, who have managed to pass several bills through Congress during their tenure, and even serve in positions of leadership on committees.

When looking at Jim Jordan’s record, it becomes clear that, despite his public bombast and impassioned speeches, the Ohio Republican has failed to make any real, lasting impression on the laws and regulations that will shape our country in the years to come. It is unclear whether Jordan will remain in Congress long enough to build up a more substantiated legislative track record, or if he will remain a sideshow with little influence on policy.