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“Biden’s Border Record: A Political Burden for 2024?

Illegal immigration has become a major issue in the 2021 United States Presidential Election. It is an issue that President Joe Biden and his administration have taken to the next level with the record-breaking surge of undocumented migrants crossing the border.

The Biden administration has faced harsh criticism over their immigration policies and their failure to address the immediate needs of the rising number of asylum seekers coming to the United States. The influx of undocumented individuals has caused challenges ranging from overcrowding at the border, increased security risks, and the military being called upon to help manage the surge of migrants.

The Biden administration declared a national emergency in March of 2021 to address COVID-19 related issues along the southwestern border. This triggered the deployment of over 4,500 additional soldiers to assist in border security efforts. This move has allowed the Administration to implement stronger border-protection measures, with 6,000 agents being sent to the border in June of 2021.

The administration has also sought to make changes in the way asylum and refugee processing is handled, with an emphasis on speeding up the process for those already crossing the border. The administration has also begun to focus on increasing vetted and legal pathways for immigrants, while attempting to counter the narrative of President Donald Trump’s “refugee ban” from majority-Muslim nations.

Despite these efforts, the Administration is facing increased criticism from both sides of the aisle. The continued surge of migrants has caused issues for both legal and undocumented immigration, creating a burden for the Biden Administration heading into the 2024 election.

The Administration is faced with a difficult political situation, as they must balance respecting the rights of the undocumented immigrants with protecting security at the border. The Administration must also work to address the underlying issues in their immigration policies, leading to the record setting surge of undocumented migrants.

Ultimately, the Administration must address the issues that caused the surge of border crossings, while also addressing the security needs of the country. They must work to create a holistic approach, balancing both the humanitarian needs of the undocumented immigrants, while also ensuring the security and wellbeing of the American people. This will be a burden the Administration carries into the 2024 election and beyond.