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“Menendez: Resign or Address Fellow Senate Dems? Hear His Decision Now!

Facing a growing chorus of calls from his fellow Senate Democrats, Senator Menendez is facing mounting pressure to resign. The New Jersey Senator is facing corruption and bribery charges, and his refusal to step down has drawn sharp criticism from fellow Democrats as they feel his presence is a political liability and potential to their electoral prospects.

In light of recent indictments brought against the senator, several calls have been made to him from Democratic senators urging him to resign his post. The party leaders take issue with the New Jersey Senator not only due to the charges, but also his history of insensitive and inappropriate comments. This, combined with a politically driven agenda and his inability to address the growing concerns of others in the chamber, has only served to further alienate himself from his party.

In addition to the calls for him to step down from his fellow Democrats, some have gone so far to suggest his resignation is necessary for the party’s interests. His presence in the Senate is seen as a reminder of the party’s wrongdoings and has had a negative effect on its public image.

In spite of the outcry against him, Menendez has yet to produce any indication he is giving any serious thought to resigning. The Senator has yet to make any type of public statement addressing his situation. However, with such a powerful voice in his party demanding action and appearing willing to not let the issue go until resolution, Menendez is left with few options.

It is still too soon to tell what action, if any, the Senator will take. All we know is that the calls to resign are unlikely to diminish in volume and intensity unless he announces a different course of action. Answering the demands of his fellow party members once and for all could be the only way for Senator Menendez to find the redemption and peace of mind he desires.