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“Done It Again: Oopsy-Daisy!

The world of media is an ever-evolving one, with each day bringing something new and novel. But one thing that remains the same is the occasional bloopers that people make, either accidentally or on purpose.

And while it does create a lot of embarrassment for the person who makes the mistake, it also remains one of the most viral topics in media and often gets a lot of attention. The latest viral example of this is a series of bloopers that happened on the set of the new Godzilla movie, ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’.

Apparently, during one of the takes of the movie, one of the actors, Ken Watanabe, was heard saying “Oops. I did it again”, referring to the song by former pop-princess, Britney Spears. The accidental statement immediately grabbed the attention of the people on set and was soon caught on tape and uploaded on the internet.

The actor however clarified the incident and confirmed that he did actually say “Oops. I did it again” and that it was meant to be a joke in the middle of a take, and not to be taken seriously.

The incident has become a worldwide trending topic, with people talking about the bloopers across various social media. Clearly the moment has catapulted Ken Watanabe to even more heights of fame, with people all over the world loving this latest titbit about the actor and the Godzilla movie’s bloopers.

For any media savvy person, bloopers are an ideal way to get attention and attention is what Ken Watanabe just got with his ‘Oops. I did it again’ incident.