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Unlock the Secret to Cannabis in Australia: A State-by-State Guide!

Australia is a vast country, with laws surrounding cannabis varying from state to state. In this article, we outline the legalities of cannabis in each state and territory, providing a comprehensive legal guide for those looking to turn their green thumb to cannabis cultivation.

New South Wales

The New South Wales government prohibits the cultivation, possession and supply of cannabis, with both recreational and medicinal users facing penalties if caught breaking the law.


Victoria has a very strict stance on cannabis, both for recreational and medicinal purposes. The state does, however, allow individuals to access medicinal cannabis products through an Authorised Prescriber, who can assess each patient’s needs and provide an appropriate treatment plan.


Queensland is currently in the process of refining their cannabis laws, with a Bill to be introduced that would allow for the medical use of cannabis. The government has also committed to introducing a scheme that would allow medical cannabis products to be prescribed and accessed in the state.

South Australia

In South Australia, the use and supply of cannabis is strictly prohibited, and individuals found possessing or supplying cannabis can face severe penalties.

Western Australia

Like many other states in the country, Western Australia has strict laws around cannabis, and recreational and medicinal cannabis users face high penalties. However, the state does provide amnesty from prosecution to medicinal users under certain circumstances.


Tasmania has recently made a commitment to legalizing the medical use of cannabis. The state has also relaxed its laws towards the personal cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes, allowing individuals to possess up to two plants each.

Northern Territory

Northern Territory has a distinct policy towards cannabis, allowing the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis, but only for those over the age of 18. The region also permits the personal cultivation of up to two plants each.

Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory is an exception to the rest of Australia, and is the only region to have legalized cannabis and its use for both recreational and medicinal purposes.


In conclusion, the laws regarding cannabis vary greatly from state to state and territory to territory in Australia, and it is important to understand the specific laws in the area in which you reside. Individuals wishing to use cannabis for either recreational or medicinal purposes should familiarize themselves with the relevant laws and regulations.