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Racing Against Re-Election: Biden’s Polling Plunge in 2023

President Joe Biden has a major polling problem lurking on the horizon as he contemplates a possible re-election bid in 2024. Despite having an approval rating of 56% — with weak anti-Biden sentiment in certain parts of the political spectrum — the current president is vulnerable to underperforming in next year’s midterms and 2022’s competitive races, if simplistic polling trends and Democratic- Republican voter tendencies are to be factored in.

As things stand today, Biden’s primary poll numbers have remained relatively steady with a mix of joyous and troubling views across the political spectrum. Unquestionably, the honeymoon-like period of his first 100 days in office has established him as a popular leader in America.

But as Biden looks ahead to a future re-election bid, he faces a precarious political landscape in which his approval ratings can take a hit based on outside forces. Moreover, Biden is battling the inevitability of midterm losses in 2022 and an unfavorable outcome in this year’s competitive races.

First of all, the president’s poll numbers are likely to take a drubbing should Democrats lose heavily in the 2022 midterms. This midterm loss is pretty much inevitable as the party typically loses ground in validations during the first midterm elections of any given presidential term. As it stands, pollsters are already seeing a drop in Biden’s approval ratings in swing districts.

Moreover, the success or failure of the Biden-Harris Administration could have a direct bearing on the president’s re-election chances. Specifically, controversial issues such as the passage of the American Jobs Plan, the future of the US immigration system, and even gun control legislation would test Biden’s political skills and play a role in framing his poll ratings.

Finally, recent history thus suggests that recent elections have pitted two pragmatic leaders against each other, with the more seasoned candidate often having the edge over his or her adversaries. Therefore, Biden’s candidacy in 2024 may be in serious jeopardy if he fails to galvanize public opinion with his specific policy decisions or articulate political visions.

Overall, given the current polling trends and Democratic-Republican voter tendencies, President Joe Biden’s approval ratings could take a major hit before the 2024 election season arrives. He now has the difficult task of navigating an uncertain political climate while trying to convince voters to support him once again.