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“Nikki New Taxes”: Trump Team’s Snappy Nickname for GOP Foe Nikki Haley

Amidst the ongoing midterm election chaos, President Donald Trump’s team of political advisors have apparently come up with a new nickname in an effort to increase Republican Presidential contender Nikki Haley’s popularity among her party-mates – Nikki “New Taxes” Haley.

This unique moniker was thought up to reflect Haley’s unwavering commitment to reforming the nation’s existing tax system. Making it easier for the public to understand the Republican candidate’s stance on taxation, this variety of political branding is a strategy not often seen in American politics.

Haley, the former Governor of South Carolina, is no stranger to controversy. In the past, she has been criticized for her support of draconian immigration policies and for what many have seen as her complacency in the face of police brutality. Limiting her potential to capture the support of Republican moderates and voters of color, these high-profile stances have divided her party more than once.

Her competitive stance on taxation, however, is a view that can be appreciated by the American people on both sides of the aisle. Known for her pro-business bona-fides, Haley is one of the most vocal proponents for tax cuts and has spoken out against the current corporate tax system on numerous occasions.

Nicknames aren’t often used in American political circles, but this unusual twist might just help Haley to gain an edge in her upcoming bid for the White House. We’ll just have to wait and see how votes are counted in the coming weeks and months to find out!