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House GOP Investigation: Was Biden a Part of Hunter’s ‘Scheme’ to Reject Subpoena? A Potential ‘Impeachable Offense’?

It appears that the house GOP has zeroed in on suspected potential wrongdoing by President-elect Joe Biden in the recent scandal involving his son.

The New York Times recently reported that Joe Biden is being investigated by the House GOP to determine if he was aware of or involved in a possible scheme to thwart a grand jury subpoena of his son Hunter Biden. The situation concerns the actions of the younger Biden in his business dealings and a possible investigation into money laundering allegations involving a Chinese firm owned by Hunter Biden.

The Washington Post reported that the API Growth Fund, an energy company in which Hunter Biden was a board member and investor, is alleged to have received funding from a China-based business partner through a complex series of investments and wire transfers.

If the investigation reveals that Biden had knowledge of Hunter’s activities or was involved in the scheme to withstand the subpoena, the act could constitute a potential impeachable offense. According to the House GOP, the evidence suggests that Biden may have used his role as Vice President to protect his son from prosecution and to conceal his activities.

The allegation has sparked further controversy in the Biden administration with many calling this a politically-motivated witch hunt that is intended to hurt his chances of taking the White House in January.

The investigation is ongoing and it remains to be seen whether or not any evidence will be found that ties Biden to the scheme or suggests a potential impeachable offense. Nevertheless, it’s an issue that has quickly become one of the most heated and widely-covered stories of the transition period.