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“Exploring New Horizons: Baselode and Ya’thi Nene Make Land & Resource Agreement

Yathi Nene Lands & Resources and Baselode Energy have recently signed a new Exploration Agreement to solidify their partnership.

Yathi Nene, an Indigenous-owned company based in Saskatchewan, provides professional services to Indigenous communities across Canada. Meanwhile, Baselode is a Canadian oil and gas exploration and production company, focused on conventional and emerging opportunities in Western Canada.

Under the agreement, the two companies aim to use their combined expertise to explore the possibilities of natural resource development within the ancestral lands of Yathi Nene. All economic opportunities for the traditional Indigenous territories will be carefully considered and evaluated. In addition, Baselode has agreed to undertake several initiatives, such as the development of a Friends of Yathi Nene initiative and willingness to help employ Indigenous personnel within its operations.

Baselode is committed to take part in a culturally involved strategy and to work in close collaboration with Yathi Nene’s leadership and traditional advocates. Both parties have agreed to utilize technology and best practices, thus creating a framework for environmental sustainability.

The two organizations plan to use the agreement to realize their collective vision for the future. In addition to providing economic development opportunities, it will also help bring together Indigenous and industry stakeholders to share knowledge, resources, and expertise. As a result, this alliance will create a strong precedent and enable sustainable development for decades to come.

The Exploration Agreement will also serve as an example to the industry, setting the standard for ethics and practices in resource and energy development. Yathi Nene and Baselode are both looking forward to working together on their shared objectives, with the common goal of creating a better future for generations to come.