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“Turn Up the Volume! 63% Gain on Bayhorse Silver and 4 Other Top Weekly TSXV Stocks!

In the world of investing, the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture (TSXV) has long been a reliable indicator of the markets and can be a great way to identify up and coming stocks. Every week, investors look to the TSXV to find potential new investments or to continue to monitor existing stock holdings. The TSXV is a great source of information for investors looking to get in early on the next big breakout stock.

Recently, the stocks listed on the TSXV had a booming week, with some of the most vibrant poster stocks showing a remarkable upturn. From cannabis to gold mining stocks, here are the five top TSXV stocks from the past week.

The first stock to watch is Bayhorse Silver, Inc. It surged 63% on Thursday and maintained its momentum throughout the week, finishing up 34.44%. With such a strong finish, Bayhorse Silver is sure to be a stock to watch in the coming weeks.

Next, CannTrust Holdings Inc. enjoyed a steady 8% gain over the week, closing at $4.16. This premium cannabis company is sure to continue to be on the upswing as its products begin to reach wider markets.

Third, MAG Silver Corp has been on an impressive run over the past 12 months, and this week it enjoyed a 10% gain. MAG is a premier silver and gold exploration company, and its strong performance week over week reflects its solid fundamentals.

Fourth, Alexco Resource Corp recorded a 13% increase over the week. The company is a promising silver exploration and project development company, and investors are continues to be bullish on this stock.

Last, but not least, Tuscano Gold Corp jumped 13.92%, closing at 1.21 per share. Tuscano is a junior gold exploration and development company, and the stock is a definitely a stock to watch in the coming weeks.

Overall, the TSXV had a very successful week, and these five stocks demonstrate why the TSXV is still a reliable indicator of the markets. With such solid performances from these top stocks, investors should keep these companies on their watchlist. With the continued growth of the economy, these TSXV stocks will continue to be appealing investment opportunities.