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Sen Ted Cruz Exposes VP Kamala Harris’ Palestinian Sympathy Push: ‘Undermining Israel’s Sovereignty’

Republican Senator Ted Cruz recently released a statement critical of Vice President Harris for showing “sympathy” for Palestinians and undermining the US-Israel alliance. According to the statement, VP Harris had called for international efforts to help “ease the humanitarian crisis in Gaza” without also recognizing Israel’s legitimate security concerns and right to protect itself.

The statement reads, “The US-Israel alliance is critical for our shared security. It is unhelpful for the Vice President to wave aside Israel’s security concerns and instead extend sympathy to the Palestinians.”

Senator Cruz further stated that VP Harris’ position sends a dangerous message that the US “will not stand with its friends.” Cruz added that Harris’ statements suggest an “unfortunate” policy of pressuring Israel while appeasing Palestinian extremists, which could lead to further violence and insecurity in the region.

The Senator went on to urge the Biden administration to rededicate the US to its alliance with Israel, “a steadfast friend of America” that has “stood by us during tough times.” He also warned against recognizing the Palestinian Authority as a government, calling it “a terrorist-run organization committed to the destruction of Israel.”

The statement concluded with an appeal to the Biden administration to make clear that the US stands with Israel against those seeking its destruction and “will not be complicit in any effort to undermine its security.”

Cruz’s scathing rebuke of VP Harris’ recent statements follows a long history of tension between the two politicians. In 2016, the VP famously attacked Cruz during a Washington Post debate over his views on immigration, calling him “absolutely unfit” to be President.

Despite their differences, Cruz ended his statement by affirming that, as a Republican, he supports the Administration’s work in foreign policy and national security. He asserts that fellow Republicans are “eager to partner” with the Biden administration to defend US allies and push the country past “the worst of this pandemic.