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“White House Nabs Former NSA Expert For Cyber Chief Despite GOP Pushback

Former National Security Agency Official Harry Coker has been officially appointed as the White House Cyber Chief despite GOP opposition. He will be the first permanent head the role has ever held.

The move comes shortly after President Joe Biden announced plans to create a new cabinet-level post for cyber security. Coker’s appointment could be seen as the first step in achieving Biden’s plan.

Coker will be responsible for overseeing the development of cyber security policies and managing the U.S. government’s response to cyber threats. It will be his job to ensure the country is doing everything it can to protect its information infrastructure.

The recent wave of high-profile cyber attacks has meant that a significant focus is now being placed on cyber security. Coker is well-versed in this field, having served in the NSA for over ten years. In addition, he has spent over 25 years in the intelligence community.

Despite these impressive credentials, Coker’s appointment has been met with opposition from Republican lawmakers. According to Bloomberg, GOP legislators have expressed apprehensions over his record on privacy, given his history of supporting government surveillance programs.

However, White House officials have been quick to defend Coker. They have insisted that Coker has a thorough understanding of both the need for strong cyber security and the importance of data privacy.

It is likely that the criticism of Coker’s appointment will continue in the weeks and months ahead. It is unclear if the opposition will be able to derail Biden’s cyber security ambitions.

What is clear is that Coker’s appointment has been met with a generally positive reaction. Not only will he bring key expertise and experience to the post, but he will also benefit from coming into a field that is awash with enthusiasm to address the cyber security challenge.

It is now down to Coker to demonstrate that he is up to the enormous task of heading up a White House Cyber Security office and meeting the security challenges that face the U.S. in the digital age.