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“Siren Sounds the Alarm: Significant Mineralisation Discovered at Bonanza East!

Siren Intersects Significant Mineralisation at Bonanza East

Canadian mining company Siren Gold has made some remarkable discoveries near its Bonanza East project in Northern Ontario. After drilling 34 holes, the company has intersected significant mineralization at multiple depths and distances in the Bonanza East area of the company’s Greater Goldfield project.

The results of the drilling campaign were beyond the expectations of the mineral exploration team, and the company is touting it as the biggest mineralized system it has ever discovered within its portfolio.

The company’s CEO is also particularly excited about these discoveries and has said that “These are the sorts of intersections that our geologists and geophysicists have been looking for all along. We are exceptionally pleased with the results of this campaign”.

The mineralization consists of semi-massive to massive sulphides which is considered to be ideal for the development of an open pit mine. The company anticipates that this mineralized system could become one of the most important gold discoveries in the area as the team continues to explore the project.

In addition, the company also plans to use the results from the latest assay results to generate additional targets for further exploration. As part of their strategy, they will also evaluate the potential of an underground mine.

For now, the company has kept the specific details of their discovery closely guarded, but have maintained that these are the most significant intersections of mineralization they’ve ever seen. With its highly experienced mineral exploration team, Siren Gold is intent on becoming one of the premier gold mining companies in Northern Ontario.

We’ll have to wait and see what other amazing discoveries the team at Siren Gold will make as it continues to explore the Greater Goldfield project.