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‘Avoid Shutdowns & Prevent ‘Monstrous’ Spending – Johnson’s Plan to Action.

In a major announcement on Tuesday, Speaker Johnson declared a new plan to avert a government shutdown and prevent a “monstrous” spending increase. Calling it the “Greater Fiscal Fairness Initiative,” Johnson proposed to move away from debt-fueled government spending and instead prioritize spending on investments in American families.

The Speaker outlined the plan, which includes reducing wasteful spending, enactment of a balanced budget amendment, and improving access to capital spending. Additionally, the program includes plans for expanding access to education and family leave, increasing access to healthcare, and developing long-term public investments in infrastructure and research.

The Speaker noted that the Initiative is designed to reduce government debt through cuts to wasteful spending and an emphasis on short-term austerity measures instead of irresponsible borrowing. He also stressed that the Initiative is intended to promote long-term growth through increasing investments in education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

The plan is a welcome departure from the kind of spending increases that led to the financial crisis of last decade. By taking a more holistic view of government spending and its impact on the economy, the Initiative seeks to focus on providing tangible investment in the American people while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

In an environment that has become increasingly bogged down in partisan politics, Speaker Johnson’s plan is a welcome example of bipartisanship in support of the common good. As the nation prepares to face the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the Initiative is a reminder of the importance of fiscal responsibility.

At a time when many American citizens are struggling to make ends meet, the Initiative is a welcome step in helping our nation’s families and businesses get back on their feet. Speaker Johnson’s plan is the type of clear-thinking leadership our nation needs in order to ensure our long-term prosperity.