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Uncovering the Lost: Israeli Archeologists Solve the Mystery of Gaza’s Burnt Homes

A team of Israeli archeologists have joined in the efforts to help uncover the remains of missing people in homes that were burned down after Hamas attacks.

The team of archeologists, which consists of students and experts from the Israel Antiquities Authority, have been working in the city of Ashkelon after a recent rise in violent attacks from Hamas.

The attacks, for which Hamas claims responsibility, have caused destruction and severe damage to several homes in the city. In some of the cases, family members of the residents of the homes remain unaccounted for, and are believed to have been burnt inside their homes.

The Israeli archeologists have been carefully and diligently sifting though the debris of these burnt homes, in an attempt to locate any surviving remains of the missing persons.

Using high-tech equipment, the archeologists have so far been able to extract DNA samples from some of the charred remains of bodies found in the homes, which has helped to identify some of the victims and put an end to the suffering of their family members.

In addition to helping uncover the remains of the missing people, the archeologists have been working to preserve some of the burnt artifacts and archeological remains found in the homes, in order to keep record of the city’s past.

This project is an important one and comes at a time when the situation in Ashkelon remains tense and uncertain. While the archeologists’ task of uncovering the remains of the missing people is a daunting one, they carry on bravely in the face of danger in hopes of bringing closure to families devastated by Hamas’s violence and destruction.