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“Exploring Canada’s Silver Cobalt: 12 Pegmatites Discovered in St-Denis Lithium Exploration!

Canada Silver Cobalt Samples: 12 of the Numerous New Pegmatites at the Ongoing St. Denis Lithium Exploration Program

Canada Silver Cobalt Inc. has announced a new sample the company has taken of a pegmatite which was located within a large pegmatite swarm in their ongoing exploration program in Bolivar Township, Quebec. The sample was taken from the St. Denis property, in the Grenville geological province of Quebec.

The sample taken was a 4.5 meters long sample of a new pegmatite structure, comprised of quartz, feldspars, mica, and tourmaline in the matrix. The structure is believed to be rich in cobalt and other elements related to lithium deposits.

The Canadian miner is conducting a detailed exploration of the pegmatite swarm, which they are calling the “St. Denis Lithium Exploration Program”. The program involves; the collection of soil samples and the collection of overburden samples to analyze for shallow mineralization.

The mineralized area from which the sample was taken is comprised of thin layers of siliciclastic rocks which are approximately 3-5 meters thick. These rocks are in the area of thrust faulting related relevant conformably to the Basal Sequence which are considered to be prospective for lithium deposits.

The sample taken from St. Denis is just twelve of the numerous pegmatites structures that Canada Silver Cobalt has identified from the exploration program. The company have also mentioned that further sampling of the identifiable pegmatites is scheduled in the coming months.

The exploration program has also identified numerous dykes and sills here of identical or similar geology to the pegmatite structures from which the sample was taken; and, the company has referenced the presence of an abundant Sm-Nd isotopic signature which can be useful in tracing grandfathered rocks and in furthering their exploration.

It seems the St. Denis Lithium Exploration Program is proving very positive for Canada Silver Cobalt and should be a great resource for the company in the not too distant future.