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“Spirit Airlines Inspecting Planes – Canceling Flights for Now

The popular American travel airline Spirit Airlines recently announced its plans to cancel several flights in order to inspect specific planes. This is a common practice for the airline to ensure the safety of their passengers, especially in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

When an airline cancels flights, it can be one of the most heartbreaking news for passengers who have already booked tickets and began to look forward to their vacations. In this case, Spirit Airlines released an official statement confirming their decision to cancel flights in order for their planes to be inspected.

Spirit Airlines stated that inspections are a part of their routine operations; they do this on a regular basis to ensure that the planes they are using are fully safe and operational. They added that these inspections are particularly important in light of the reality of the current pandemic. To this end, Spirit Airlines will be canceling certain flights to allow for their aircrafts to be properly inspected.

This is not only a prudent move from Spirit Airlines, but also a necessary one. To protect passengers, it is important that all plane inspections are done thoroughly and on a regular basis. This could mean that passengers might have to change their plans slightly, but it is well worth it for the long-term safety of everyone involved.

Spirit Airlines also clearly communicated that they will be properly compensating travelers who have had their plans disrupted. They asked that travelers please check their email for more information. The airline went further to say that they deeply regret any inconvenience these canceled flights may cause to passengers, but safety always comes first.

At the moment, Spirit Airline is continuing to work hard to safely transport passengers. While it may mean that plans have to change slightly, these canceled flights could be invaluable for the safety of Spirit Airlines’ clients.