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UAW Redoubling Strike: Now Includes Major Ford Truck Plant in Kentucky

The United Auto Workers Union (UAW) has announced that it is expanding its strike to include a major Ford truck plant in Kentucky. The strike was originally limited to a handful of assembly and transmission plants, and now the union is increasing its pressure by adding other facilities into the mix.

The union recently said it would be taking action at the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, which produces Ford F-Series pickup trucks as well as the Ford Super Duty. This is the first time the union has expanded its strike since it began three weeks ago and shows the union’s commitment in following through with its demands.

The original strike began in response to a report released by the UAW’s top leadership that said Ford was undermining the union in negotiations this year. The union wanted to assert its power in negotiations by staging a strike and the Kentucky Truck Plant was added as leverage.

The strike has been a success so far, with both sides agreeing to a tentative deal last month. The details of the agreement still need to be ratified by union members before it can become finalized. In the meantime, the union is expanding its strike in order to have an even bigger impact.

UAW President Rory Gamble said the union is committed to continuing its fight with Ford and other automakers. He also noted that the union is standing in solidarity with all automotive workers in the pursuit of better wages and better working conditions.

The UAW’s strike actions are making a huge impact in the automotive industry, and the union is hoping that its latest move will result in even further gains for its members. The union is sending a strong message that it will not back down and that it is committed to fighting for the rights of its members.