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“Integrated Cyber Solutions’ Blazing Launch to the Canadian Securities Exchange

Are you looking for some new integrated cyber solutions? If so, you’re in luck. Integrated Cyber Solutions (ICS) is embarking on a new journey with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

ICS is a global provider of integrated cyber security solutions, combining lifecycle cyber security management, advanced threat intelligence, and threat detection with response and remediation capabilities. Their main goal is to offer high-performance, comprehensive security solutions to securely protect business information, operations, and applications.

Formed in 2016, ICS has “quickly established itself as a globally-recognized security provider and plans to leverage its strong foundations and partner relationships to become the preeminent service provider of integrated cyber-security within North America and Europe.”

This move will give the company access to a larger, more personal marketplace. It will also give the company access to public capital, allowing them to expand their operations further both domestically and internationally.

With the IPO, ICS is poised to become the chief source of integrated cyber-security solutions for many large enterprises. ICS’s offering will include “lifecycle security management — from auditing and monitoring, threat detection and response, to remediation and recovery.”

Their customers will benefit from good decision-making due to the transparency provided in regards to their operations. They will also be able to easily access the funds to invest in further innovation.

This move is very exciting for ICS, as it is a milestone for any company that has set out to make a tremendous impact in the cyber security industry. With the new offerings, they will be able to take the progressive work they have achieved even further. This will help pave the way for a more secure world, as well as contribute to economic growth in global markets by increasing trust and security in digital transactions.