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“Greenlane Renewables Makes Major Move with $35.3 Million Brazilian System Supply Contract

Greenlane Renewables Inc. has announced a $35.3 million system supply contract in Brazil, one of the largest renewable energy markets in the world. The agreement is part of the company’s global strategy to increase its presence in the Latin American region.

Greenlane will provide a complete food waste biogas upgrading solution to convert compost into renewable natural gas (RNG) at two locations in São Paulo and Parana – two of the most densely populated states in Brazil. The project is expected to produce up to 19,000 GJ of RNG per year.

The technology used by Greenlane is the world’s first mobile biogas upgrader, a patented mobile system that can travel to remote locations and upgrade biogas to pipeline-grade RNG. It is designed for easy and cost-effective installation, making it an attractive solution to customers who need to upgrade biogas in remote locations.

Greenlane believes this is a major milestone in establishing itself as a leader in RNG production in Brazil and Latin America.

“This system supply contract is the next step in our strategy of expanding our presence in Latin American markets,” said Brad Douville, CEO of Greenlane Renewables. “We are confident that the product quality and customer service Greenlane provides will benefit all our customers in this region.”

Greenlane Renewables is a global provider of innovative renewable natural gas (RNG) solutions for commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. The Company is the largest RNG development firm in North America and is a leading RNG technology provider with a proven track record of success in delivering large-scale projects in Europe and Asia. This new contract in Brazil affirms Greenlane’s commitment to expand its presence in Latin America, as well as its capacity as a world leader in advanced biogas technology.

Greenlane looks forward to further developing the Latin American RNG market and providing more dependable and cost-effective sources of RNG.