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“Rep. Goldman Escapes Hamas Rocket Fire at Israeli Bar Mitzvah Celebration!

The peaceful and beautiful city of Jerusalem was struck by rocket fire from Hamas this week, which put a three-generation family from Maryland in danger. Representative Andrew Goldman (D-MD) along with his wife and three children were in Israel for his son’s bar mitzvah when the situation took a dangerous turn.

The Goldman family had arrived in Israel early Sunday afternoon and were enjoying typical tourism and religious activities. The family visited the Western Wall, the Old City and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Center. The spiritual event was supposed to be a joyous and special occasion for the Goldman family as they marked the coming-of-age of their eldest son.

Unfortunately, while in the middle of the ceremony, the rockets began to rain down on the unsuspecting city. Although the Iron Dome defense system intercepted most of the rockets, the Goldman family was still left in a state of shock as they had to seek shelter.

Despite the initial fear, the Goldman family stayed strong and followed protocol, finding the nearest safe space. During this time, Representative Goldman called on the House Floor in Washington DC for support in tackling the dangers posed by Hamas. He asked for a bi-partisan response to this type of hostile act and has stated that he looks forward to working with all members of the House.

The experience further motivated Goldman to take action for Israel. He said that witnessing the militants’ aggression first-hand has emboldened him with a sense of pride and responsibility towards Israel’s people and democracy. He ensured that he would work as a leader of the pro-Israel lobby to ensure that peace, justice and equality are attained in the region.

The Goldman family eventually returned home to Maryland, safe and thankful for their miraculous escape. This experience serves to further strengthen the Goldman family’s bond and commitment towards supporting Israel. It is also a reminder for us all of the danger posed by Hamas and the need for urgent international support for Israel.