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Dems Blast Impeachment Hearing: ‘A Complete Time-Waster!’

by Jacob Collins

The impeachment inquiry of former Vice President Joe Biden has been met with mixed reactions among Democrats. Many Democrats are decrying the impeachment hearing as a waste of time, while some Republican leaders support the inquiry.

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the impeachment of Biden on December 10, 2019. The hearing, which Democrats viewed as a political stunt, featured speakers from Congress and legal experts debating whether or not the inquiry was appropriate.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the inquiry a “sham” and said that it was a “waste of time.” She argued that the inquiry was a “stunt” by Republicans who want to interfere with the presidential election by trying to influence the outcome. Pelosi said that the inquiry was a “taxpayer-funded charade” and that the American people should be respected enough to not be subjected to it.

Democrats from other parts of the political spectrum expressed similar sentiments. Bernie Sanders tweeted his opposition to the inquiry, saying that “we have real issues to address, like climate change, income inequality, and healthcare.” Many other Democrats also objected to the hearing, pointing to other issues that they feel warrant their attention.

In contrast, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina argued that the inquiry is necessary. He said that “there are serious questions about Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine which should be explored.” Graham believes that, although the inquiry may not result in an impeachment conviction, it is worth pursuing as it could provide answers about corruption.

Regardless of one’s political position, it is clear that the impeachment inquiry is a divisive issue. On one hand, Democrats view the hearing as a waste of time and money that detracts from other important issues. On the other hand, Republicans believe that it is necessary to investigate potential corruption and that the results of the inquiry could have significant implications.